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Beginner’s Guide to the TOEFL Independent Essay

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Beginner’s Guide to the TOEFL Independent Essay

This guide is actually for low-level students writing their TOEFL that is first independent. Advanced students may wish to skip right to our advanced guide.

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(note, students in a hurry may decide to skip straight to our TOEFL essay templates)

Start with making an outline of the essay. Glance at the picture below:

The student starts by writing a “main point” at the top the chart. This might be her “answer” to your question posed by the exam.

The student writes two “reasons” to support the main point below the main point. These are broad rather write my paper than too specific. However, they need to be unique. The reason why should not be much like one another.

The student writes two “details. below all the reasons” they are more specific. They offer the reasons and explain why they will have cited the reasons. They might likewise incorporate examples from the student’s life that support the causes.

Here’s an example outline for the question: “What is the best gift to give to a child?” It had been published by an actual student. View it closely:

The student has filled in the outline point-form that is using (not complete sentences). Her main point is gift that is“Best pet.”

Her two reasons are “it is educational” and “it is an excellent friend.”

The details from the reason that is first “learn responsibility” and “learn stages of life.” The information through the reason that is second “never judgmental” and “children often alone these days.” The student has bigger ideas. this woman is likely to write on how caring for the pet teaches responsibility and she actually is going to write that students are along because their parents are often away. nevertheless the outline is just her initial ideas.

The remainder with this article will show how to turn this outline into a complete essay. I’ll use English that is simple throughout article. Read More

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