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Stuff Gay People Like: Acronyms

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Stuff Gay People Like: Acronyms

You need ton’t be amazed that the community of individuals called “LGBTQQIAS” will be fans of acronyms. They started off as Homosexual, then Gay, then Gay and Lesbian, then GLBT, then LGBTQ, and when it had been remedied that the amalgamation of letters ended up being limited neither by convenience nor by everybody else knowing what the letters are a symbol of, it went entropically out of hand.

Truth be told, a significant organization in homosexual culture is always to define principles too complicated to suit into solitary terms through acronyms. And there are numerous of them.

When you come across a D&DF guy shopping for a LTR, UB2, who’s a part for the MSU GSA and QPOC, be ready to embrace a language that is foreign.

“LGBTQQIAAS” means lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, ally, and directly. Often conservative homosexual individuals along with conservative right people ponder over it correctness that is“political amok” that they need to remember dozens of letters to avoid criticism. In fact, they will have never ever been criticized, rather than are going to be criticized, for perhaps perhaps not remembering most of the letters, because no body recalls most of the letters, with no you have ever told them they should.

“VGL” is one of abused acronym within the lexicon that is gay because dishonest as “seven-inch cock” (that ought to be interpreted to mean “four to six inches.”) VGL is normally used on the web, which is a self-description that stands for “very good-looking.” However in application it indicates he posts photos of their human anatomy along with his face cropped away, expects you to definitely simply take their term for it that he’s hot, and believes he is able to talk their means into a greater league than he’s actually in. Read More